A functional emergency is an osteopathic emergency. Acute discomfort and a loss of mobility are the symptoms of this condition. This refers to acute discomfort and excludes pathologies and signs that require immediate medical attention.


Torticollis, also known as acute hyperalgesic neck discomfort, occurs suddenly and often as soon as you wake up. It’s often associated to unusual efforts the day before, as well as substantial pressures.


Carpal tunnel syndrome, cervicobrachial and intercostal neuralgia, cruralgia.  Neuralgia is pain that occurs along a nerve’s path, usually as a result of a compressive or inflammatory disruption.


Sciatica is a type of pain that originates in the buttock and travels down the sciatic nerve. It is frequently (85% of the time) associated to nerve compression as a result of disc condition.


At some point in life, 80 percent of people will have or will have an episode of low back pain. Lumbago, low back pain, sciatica, and hernia are all symptoms of lumbago.


The patient frequently expresses the experience of being blocked. Nociceptive imbalance, joint mobility dysfunction, muscular origin